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Warning! The lever lock does not need excessive tightening. Contrary to cam locks, tightening the lever lock on the Primate Pole can be customized based on your needs. If you are struggling to pull your pole out to make length adjustments (with the lever lock in the open position), your lock is over tightened. Over tightening will result in wearing down your second tube prematurely. The lever lock will be partially adjusted on your Primate Pole out of the box, however additional tightening may be needed before use.

To adjust the orange lever lock:

>  Always make your tightness adjustments with the lever lock in the open position.

>  Tighten the lever lock screw until it holds the second tube snugly in place but is loose enough that you can still twist the second tube when locked down. It is not necessary to snap the lever down over the small protruding nub on the lock body, instead close the lever down up against it to lock.

>  Continue by tightening the lever screw 1/4 turn at a time and checking the tightness with each adjustment. Tighten the screw until you cannot twist or pull the second tube out of adjustment when locked down.

>  Because Primate Poles are hand made, you may have to make multiple tightness adjustments along the second tube. It may feel tight when extended completely, but slightly looser at other areas of that tube. Make your tightness adjustment based on where it feels loosest. Once in use, you may need to make one 1/4 turn tightness adjustment to your pole every 4-6 weeks.


>  Not all tools will fit in the Primate pole or the extensions. Primate poles have a slightly tighter interior diameter and a much thicker exterior diameter, which are necessary design specs to make the tube stronger and to avoid loose fitting tools from putting extra stress on the snap lock holes.

>  The following tools will require a Primate adapter in order to use, which you can purchase from our shop. The Red Baron, Purity nets, the Leaf Master Vac, and Oreq products. The Aqua Broom is not compatible with or without an adapter.

>  In order to use Oreq products with the Primate adapter, you will need to remove the plastic sleeve on the handle of your Oreq tool. Squeeze the V-clip on your Oreq tool to release the outer plastic sleeve and remove it. You will now be able to slide the Primate Adapter onto your tool. This acts as the new ‘protective sleeve’ on your Oreq product.


> Fully open the lever when extending or collapsing the second tube, it should slide freely with a small amount of friction. If you do not fully open the lever before making length adjustments, it will cause the lock assembly to bind against the second tube.

>  While using your pole it is not necessary to snap the lever down over the small protruding nub on the lock body after each length adjustment. However, we recommend locking the lever past this nub while your pole sits in your vehicle between service stops. This will ensure the lever cannot get caught on objects and break while sliding the pole in or out of your truck.

>  Because the third tube of the Primate 3X only has one length adjustment, the second tube becomes the variable length. The first two tubes will get you to 12 feet, if you need more than 12 ft and still want to make length adjustments, you must extend the third tube all the way out and reduce the second tube as needed. This allows you to keep the lever lock in arms reach to easily make your length adjustments.


>  Never cantilever your pole against the pool coping or solid objects. Although the Primate Pole is strong, it is not designed to be leveraged against a hard surface. Generally speaking, we recommend using the Primate Pole as you would an aluminum pole with the assurance it will wear down much slower than aluminum. Do not try to test the strength of the Primate pole outside of regular pool service work. It is not indestructible, and if used improperly as described it can break.

>  If you use a vacuum such as the RipTide, Hammerhead, or PowerVac do not try and lift your vacuum up and out of the water with your pole fully extended. When finished vacuuming, collapse your pole down as you pull the vacuum back toward you, and pull your vacuum straight up along the wall and out of the pool onto the deck.

>  We recommend cutting a 5 ft length of 2 – 3 inch PVC plumbing to store your pole in the back of your truck. This protects your pole from being crushed by heavy equipment and reduces sun damage.

>  There are two V-clips in the third tube of the Primate 3X, one at the bottom of the third tube and one at the top of the tube (handle grip end). This part of Primate 3X is smaller in diameter than standard poles, and special V clips are required. Packages of these V-clips are available from our shop.

>  You must take apart your lock assembly approximately every 60 days in order to lube the cam and both sides of the nylon washer with a heavy silicone lube. We recommend Magic Lube (Red).

>  To maximize you Primate Pole’s lifespan, we recommend applying a UV protectant every 6-8 weeks. This will maintain the pole’s deep black finish, as well as protect from long term sun damage. Aerospace 303: Boat & Patio Edition is an inexpensive and quality option.


>  For the Primate 3X– To remove and replace handle grip you must: (1) Run the handle under hot water for 2-3 minutes to loosen the adhesive tape holding it in place. You may also use a blow dryer to heat the handle. You should heat up the replacement handle grip before installing. (2) Twist the handle while pulling to remove it from your third tube. (3) Slide the new handle grip on and let it sit for 30 minutes until it cools down completely. The adhesive tape should apply to the newly installed handle grip, if it does not you will need to apply new double sided tape to the end of your third tube.

> For the Primate 2X- To remove and replace the handle grip you must: (1) Carefully cut the handle with scissors or sharp razor blade (avoid cutting the pole underneath) in order to remove it from the end of the tube. (2) Heat up the replacement handle under hot water for 2-3 minutes or using a blow dryer. (3) Lubricate the end of the tube as well as the inside of your new handle grip with soap and water or olive oil in order to slide the new handle onto your tube.


>  The extensions are designed to extend the reach of the pole primarily for vacuuming, and are best used for that purpose. The coupling end and extension body are just as strong as the Primate 3X body, and can be used for extra reach for brushing as well. However, the strength from handle to tool end is very efficient in this pole system and requires much less force by the user for desired results.

>  Snap the extension into your pole first before using with tools. To use your extension with heavy vacuums such as the RipTide, Hammerhead, or PowerVac it is recommend that you connect your pole to your vacuum while on the cart, then lift it with one hand on your vacuum and the other on the tool end of your pole to place into the pool. When finished vacuuming, collapse your pole down as you pull the vacuum back toward you, and pull your vacuum straight up along the wall and out of the pool onto the deck. Disconnect your pole off of the vacuum before placing it back onto your cart.