Retro Fitted Lever Lock Installation

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Pole Protector Installation

Each Pole Protector kit will come with two lengths of heat shrink tube. Use a heat gun to shrink the pole guards onto your Primate Pole. The guards will greatly reduce wear on the areas they are applied. We recommend placing one guard on the steel tool end of your pole. Position this piece between the steel tip and the drain hole. We recommend placing the second guard anywhere along the front tube of your pole where a hot spot is forming from use.

Steel Cable Lock Instructions

Our combination wire lock protects your Primate pole from theft while it’s stored in the back of your vehicle. Run the steel cable of the lock through the tool holes of your pole, and through the nearest truck bed cleat.

Reset your Lock Combination:

1. Initial combo is 0-0-0-0

2. Press the button on the top of the lock body to release

3. In the open state, use a sharp object against the small button on the under side of the lock body and keep it pressed in.

4. Set your combination password. Lock the Padlock and the combination setting is complete.

Adjust the tension in your lever lock

replacing pole grip

Replace your lever lock

Extending and collapsing the pole

• Fully open the lever when extending or collapsing your pole, it should slide freely with a small amount of friction.

• While using your pole it is not necessary to snap the lever down over the small protruding nub on the lever lock body, simply close it so that the lever rests up against the nub.

Caring for the pole

• Never cantilever your pole against the pool coping or solid objects. Although the Primate Pole is strong, it is not designed to be leveraged against a hard surface. Generally speaking, we recommend using the Primate Pole as you would an aluminum pole with the assurance it will wear down much slower than aluminum. Do not try to test the strength of the Primate pole outside of regular pool service work. It is not indestructible, and if used improperly as described it can break.

• If you use a vacuum such as the RipTideHammerhead, or PowerVac do not try and lift your vacuum up and out of the water with your pole fully extended. When finished vacuuming, collapse your pole down as you pull the vacuum back toward you, and pull your vacuum straight up along the wall and out of the pool onto the deck.

• We recommend cutting a 5 ft length of 2 – 3 inch PVC plumbing to store your pole in the back of your truck. This protects your pole from being crushed by heavy equipment and reduces sun damage.

To ensure your lever lock is functioning at its best, we recommend taking apart your lock assembly approximately every 90 days in order to clean it and apply fresh lube to the cam and both sides of the nylon washer.


• To use your extension with heavy vacuums such as the RipTide, Hammerhead, or PowerVac it is recommend that you connect your extension to your vacuum while on the cart first, then lift and place it into the pool. If you use multiple extensions, insert the next extension while pushing your vacuum out. When finished vacuuming, collapse your pole down as you pull the vacuum back toward you, then remove your pole and each extension one by one. Pull your vacuum straight up along the wall of the pool and onto the deck or back onto the vac cart. When using one or more extensions with a pole, do NOT cantilever your pole against the coping or lift your heavy vacuum up through the water with your extension(s) and pole attached.

• The extensions are designed to extend the reach of the pole primarily for vacuuming, and are best used for that purpose. However they can also be used for extending reach for brushing or netting.

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