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Primate User Manual

Warning! The lever lock screw does not need excessive tightening and over
tightening can wear the coating off the second tube prematurely.
To adjust the orange lever lock (we will just call it the lever lock below):
1.Always adjust the lever lock in the open position. Loosen the lever lock screw
until the lever lock swings forward and back freely then extend the second
tube out fully.
2.Tighten the lever screw until it holds the second tube firmly when locked but
leave it loose enough that you can still rotate the second tube slightly with the
lever locked. It is not necessary to snap the lever down over the small
protruding nub on the lock body each time you lock it down.
3.Continue by tightening the lever screw 1/4 turn at a time and locking the lever
down until it completely holds the second tube so that you cannot rotate it.
Continue by collapsing the second tube about 24” at a time and lock the lever
down at each point to make sure you cannot rotate the second tube. If the
second tube fails to lock at any point, tighten the lever screw another 1/4 turn
at that point until it locks. Continue until the second tube is completely
1.Fully open the lever when extending or collapsing the second tube, it should
slide freely, leaving the lever even slightly closed will bind against the second
2.It is not necessary to snap the lever down over the small protruding nub on the
lock body each time you lock it down during use. Fully lock the lever when you
load the pole into your truck and are transporting it.
3. With other three piece poles you would normally extend the first two tubes
and use the 3rd as extra length, this is fine but with the P3X the 2nd extension
is the variable. If you need more than 2 tubes extended and less than 3, extend
the 3rd tube all the way and reduce the 2nd tube as the variable. This allows
you to use the easy lever lock to make all your length adjustments.
4.Try not to collapse the second tube with force so that it slams into the lever
lock body, the fiberglas reinforced band at the end can stick into the lock body
and will need to be pulled out. If it does stick you can insert something into the
front tube towards the back and push to release the second tube.

1. The extensions are mainly designed to extend the reach of the pole while
vacuuming and are best used with those motions.The connections and pole
material are very strong and extra care is needed because the length creates a
large fulcrum or lever and a small amount of downward pressure on the user end
is greatly multiplied on the tool end. For vacuuming and bottom brushing very
little pressure is needed to get good results. Never cantilever the sections or pole
over the edge of the pool, run the main pole parallel to the pool edge, connect
the sections, then the tool and lower it all in turning toward the pool in the end.
You can develop your own way of removing the pole out of the pool avoiding
scraping and leveraging the pole and sections against the pool edge.
1. Change the V-clips in all of your cleaning tools frequently, at least every 60
days. This will keep the snap holes in your pole from becoming enlarged.
2. Change the V-clips in the 3rd tube when they start to wear smaller so that they
do not start to rattle in the snap holes in the 3rd tube. You may buy a package of
extra clips from our website shop.
3. Never leverage the pole against solid objects like pool coping or rocks. Do not
do anything you would not do with an aluminum pole, this pole is very strong and
high performance but can be broken.
4. Remove the orange lever lock from the lock body every 60 days. Lube the side
that meets the body and under the lever screw with a heavy silicone lube.

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