Primate Adapter


*Adapters are required for the carbon tip versions of the Primate Pole ONLY. If you own a steel tip version of the Primate Pole, you do not need adapters!

Older carbon tip versions of the Primate Pole require an adapter for the following tools: The Red Baron Purity net, the Aqua Broom, the Leaf Master Vac, and Oreq products (Animal Brush & Net). In order to use Oreq products with the Primate adapter, you will need to remove the plastic sleeve on the handle of your Oreq tool. Squeeze the V-clip on your Oreq tool to release the outer plastic sleeve and remove it. You will now be able to slide the Primate Adapter onto your tool.

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Primate Adapter for using Oreq nets & brushes with the carbon tip version of the Primate Pole.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 6 in


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