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Joe DiAnna, the founder of Primate Pool Tools, has over thirty years of experience in the pool service industry and used his knowledge as a pool tech to design the world’s first carbon fiber pool service pole. After years of weekly pool maintenance Joe realized he was having to replace his aluminum poles multiple times a year due to wear and tear. Arguably the most important tool in the pool service business, Joe realized there were pool pros looking to invest in higher quality poles with superior durability and performance. Joe began developing what became the carbon fiber Primate Pole series in 2013, and began selling early versions of the pole in 2014. Today, Primate Pool Tools has developed multiple models of the Primate Pole series as well as a unique extension system that has truly raised the bar for quality in the pool service industry. Primate Pool Tools was founded to provide professionals in the pool service industry the option to invest in higher quality tools that hold up in a tough work environment.

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High Quality | Long-Lasting Durability

Primate Pool Tools manufacture high quality tools with long-lasting durability by using the highest quality materials. Our mission is to raise the bar on pool cleaning equipment.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a top priority for us. We believe it is possible to make sure every investor is completely satisfied with their Primate pole.

Innovative Pool Tools

Primate Pool Tools applied years of industry experience to create a unique, innovative pool cleaning pole that has changed the way people think about pool cleaning equipment.

Competitive Pricing

Primate Pool Tools feature durable, quality products at competitive prices. Coupon codes may be available.

Customer Relationship

Primate Pool Tools believes in establishing a personal relationship with all investors in order to build long term trust with users and service companies. We work hard to build and maintain a positive relationship with all of our clients.

Wholesale Options

We are a direct sales company, but are always interested in working with private distributors. Inquire about creating a long-term wholesale relationship with Primate Pool Tools.